Get involved in one of our weekly Sunday School classes on Sundays at 9:30am.

Friendship Class

  • Room 311A

This class is taught by Ron Carlson and Eldon Conrad. The ages range from 65 to 95 years old but all are welcome. They use the Lifeway Senior Adult curriculum and their class members love it. They have weekly jokes told every Sunday and class members share fruits and vegetables from their gardens. This class teaches the word of God and enjoy each other as they pray and serve together at Orangeburg. Check them out, it is a great fun class.

Doing Life Together

  • Room 413

This class is taught by Paul Jacob and Jeff Wells. This is a class for adults of all ages. It is a unique class because it uses Bible Book studies and is video based. This is a class that has many subjects throughout the year and is great for those who like variety. The curriculum changes several times during the year, and has both married couples and singles too. The leaders of this class are great teachers and would love to have you join them!

Young Adult Threads

  • Conference Room (Next to Choir Room)

This is the young married class of OABC, which is taught by David Cline. They use the adult lifeway series and have open discussions about God’s word. They strive for a deeper walk in Christ as they study God’s word. The class is very friendly and enjoy getting to know new people. Give this class a try if you are between 20’s and 40’s.

Christians In Action

  • Room 310A

The C.I.A. class is made up of all ages and any age is welcome. This class is taught by Ann Boykin and Mary Bennet and does not use the Lifeway Books. They use the Bible only and go chapter by chapter, verse by verse. They would love to have you check out their class. If you are looking for an in depth study this is the class for you!

Encouragers Class

  • Room 217

This class is taught by Michael McNarry and David Montez. This class has students from ages 26 thru 97. That is a wide variety of ages but they enjoy each other very much. They study the Bible using the Adult Lifeway books. Everyone has a voice in this class and is encouraged to speak and is respected and listened to. The unique age groups are only part of this class. Homeless individuals, Hispanic and longtime Baptist are the makeup of this class and is reflective of the makeup of our city. You are more than welcome to come and check this class out! They meet in the multipurpose room at the north end of the church building.

Spanish Class

  • Room 312

Our Spanish speaking class was set up for the Spanish speaking people of Modesto who feel more comfortable with a class that speaks/teaches in their language. This is an adult class led by Guillermo and Ana Melgar. They use the Lifeway Southern Baptist Sunday School material. If you or someone you know would like a Spanish speaking class, please come and join them as they study God’s Word.